Row Level Security in Pentaho Metadata

Last Thursday, our Scrum Team kicked off a new Sprint around Pentaho Metadata’s Row Level Security.  In April, Jake Cornelius, one of our Product Managers here at Pentaho, started a Pentaho Metadata Row Level Security discussion in Pentaho’s forum calling for community feedback.  We received lots of great input, and we’re now entering the implementation stage of development.  If you are interested, keep a close eye on Pentaho Metadata’s SVN trunk, where we’ll be implementing this new feature.

We’re tackling this feature from two perspectives, and we have two Scrum stories describing what we hope to accomplish for a first version.  To make sure we have all the plumbing in place, we’ve defined a story focused on expert users, who’ll be able to describe a global security constraint that applies to an entire Metadata Model.  In parallel, we’ve also described a story that focuses on a simple user interface.  The second story will include a lot of up front UI design to make sure we deliver an easy to use interface that solves a large percentage of row level security needs our customers and community have.

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