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A Scrum Conversation in Sarasota

We had a good turnout at the Sarasota Java User Group this week, where I presented on the Scrum Agile Methodology.  Thanks go to Joe Healy from Microsoft for hosting, with free dinner and some great free books by Ken Schwaber.  I also want to thank David Moskowitz for organizing the event.  The group had a very informal discussion on Scrum.  Due to the great questions and discussion, I wasn’t able to make it all the way through Mountain Goat Software’s Reusable Scrum Presentation. There were a few folks who had plenty of Agile experience sharing their thoughts on the process.  Most of the tough questions involved how to work with product owners (aka customers) who might not be bought in to the process along with good questions around long term planning with the Scrum methodology.  Agile and Scrum are so different than traditional waterfall software development, that it’s difficult to map concepts from one methodology to the other.

Scrumming in Sarasota

I’ll be presenting on Scrum, Open Scrum, and Pentaho’s use of Scrum at this week’s Sarasota JUG (Java User Group) meeting. I lived in Sarasota for a couple of years before relocating to Orlando, and I’m always looking for reasons to visit! Check out Sarasota’s Java User Group website for more information.