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More than just Analyzer

There has been a lot of buzz recently about Pentaho’s acquisition of LucidEra’s ClearView technology, now known as Pentaho Analyzer Enterprise Edition, including this detailed writeup by Julian Hyde. But one
important aspect of this acquisition that has gone unmentioned, which I am most excited about, is the addition of Benny Chow to the Pentaho engineering team.

At LucidEra, Benny was the Director of Engineering and was responsible for the development of ClearView. In his short time here at Pentaho, he’s already had a great impact on our engineering efforts especially with the integration work necessary to make Analyzer an integral part of Pentaho’s User Console. Let me be the first to publicly welcome Benny to the Pentaho team!

SQLstream 2.0 is out…

As Julian and Nick have already pointed out, SQLstream 2.0 was released earlier this week.  Kudos go out to the team at SQLstream.  It’s exciting to see the progress companies can make using open source as a foundation for their development!  SQLstream’s approach to extending something we all know very well, SQL, should make real time business intelligence a real possibility.

Sarasota Java User Group Presentation

This week, I’ll be giving a talk on Business Intelligence using Pentaho at Sarasota’s Java User Group.  I’m excited to show off some of our new open source projects, including the new Pentaho User Console and the Aggregation Designer.  I’ll also be giving demos of all of Pentaho’s pillars and how they work together to form Pentaho’s BI Suite.  If you are in Sarasota Wednesday night, stop by!  For directions and more details, visit the following link:

Pentaho iPhone Coverage, Post on YouTube

Today I saw that Pentaho’s Business Intelligence iPhone Softare made it into Network World’s 20 cool third-party iPhone apps list. Check out slide 11! Very cool. Also, I posted the video over to youtube for all to share:

Pentaho’s BI Extension for the iPhone

A little over a month ago, I had a simple idea to render Pentaho’s BI Suite within Apple’s iPhone Safari Browser.  After a couple of hours of work with the open source iUI javascript / css framework, I had a basic demo.  After showing it off to some of the folks here at Pentaho, we agreed that it would be fun to put out as a tech tip and make available to the community.

The tech tip includes specific iPhone views for the login and navigation, along with modifications to the parameter pages so they render nicely within iPhone’s Safari Browser.  A servlet filter is provided that detects the iPhone user agent, and renders the iPhone views instead of the standard browser view.  Also, Marc Batchelor made great suggestions to make my demo more production worthy.

I really enjoyed working with Pentaho’s marketing department on making this an official Pentaho announcement.  Lance, Jared C. and Wes did a fantastic job on the press release, video, and landing page.

BarCamp Pentaho

This Friday, the Orlando Pentaho Developers spent the day listening to adhoc technical talks on a variety of Java and Business Intelligence related subjects. We modeled the day after BarCamp, where we wrote the talks up on the white board in the morning, and adjusted the list through-out the day.  We started off the day with Mike D’Amour giving a great intro into Google Web Toolkit, followed by talks including the Pentaho XUL Framework, Spring for Dependency Injection, Pentaho’s Action Sequence Document Object Model, and much more. In the afternoon, James Dixon, the CTO of Pentaho, presented on a new approach for developing BI solutions. Marc Batchelor, Pentaho’s Chief Engineer, presented an architectural overview of Pentaho’s BI Platform. And last but not least, Doug Moran, VP of Community at Pentaho, updated the dev team on Pentaho’s Community Gathering in Mainz, Germany that took place a couple of weeks ago.

At the end of the day, a few of the developers got out rock band and showed off their mad skillz.  Just another fun day at Pentaho!