Pentaho’s BI Extension for the iPhone

A little over a month ago, I had a simple idea to render Pentaho’s BI Suite within Apple’s iPhone Safari Browser.  After a couple of hours of work with the open source iUI javascript / css framework, I had a basic demo.  After showing it off to some of the folks here at Pentaho, we agreed that it would be fun to put out as a tech tip and make available to the community.

The tech tip includes specific iPhone views for the login and navigation, along with modifications to the parameter pages so they render nicely within iPhone’s Safari Browser.  A servlet filter is provided that detects the iPhone user agent, and renders the iPhone views instead of the standard browser view.  Also, Marc Batchelor made great suggestions to make my demo more production worthy.

I really enjoyed working with Pentaho’s marketing department on making this an official Pentaho announcement.  Lance, Jared C. and Wes did a fantastic job on the press release, video, and landing page.

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  1. Matt Casters on July 9th, 2008

    Will, congratulations, that looks absolutely fantastic. More than that, it looks like I finally have an excuse to buy an iPhone… Now that they are almost available in Belgium in the unlocked (legal) version for only $US 965! What a bargain!

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