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First Impressions of Pentaho Business Analytics Cookbook

I just finished reading Packt Publishing’s Pentaho Business Analytics Cookbook by Sergio Ramazzina, this is a great up-to-date guide on utilizing the full Pentaho Analytics Suite, including a mix of both enterprise and community components.  Useful details around configuring data sources, building a set of your first reports, parameterization, dashboarding, and a whole lot more are covered  step by step to make sure you walk away with a good understanding of what tools are available and how to get started with them.  This is the first definitive guide I have seen around Pentaho Mobile, and I really appreciate chapter 11 on customizing the Pentaho experience for your business.

If you are looking to get up to speed on Pentaho Analytics very quickly, I highly recommend this book!

Announcing Pentaho Developer IRC Office Hours

I’m pleased to announce that Pentaho’s Engineering Team will be hosting IRC Office Hours each week.  IRC is a great place to go and chat with Pentaho’s developers, but sometimes we’re too busy traveling the world or hacking away at the next release to catch up with folks in the ##pentaho channel.  We’re hoping that hosting office hours will allow for more collaboration, so as a community we can continue to expand and build on the #1 open source business analytics and data integration platform.

Check out the wiki for full details: