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Mondrian 3.0 Milestone 1

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been working hard to get Mondrian 3.0 feature complete and relatively bug free. This is a major release, with large architectural and functional changes. I spent the last part of 2007 implementing the new shared dimensions architecture for Mondrian. This change cleaned up a lot of code in Mondrian, along with enabling new features like sharing the same dimension multiple times in a single cube, and also better management of shared dimensions within Virtual Cubes.

In January, I worked with Julian on squashing bugs. Earlier in the month we triaged all the bugs that have been logged since 2006. Now that we’ve assigned and prioritized them, tracking down bugs has been a great way for me to become more familiar with the Mondrian code base.

Some of the other major features that Julian has been working on this round include better role support, olap4j API support, and a much richer set of VBA and Excel function support.

Read about all the changes in the change log, and of course download this milestone release, kick the tires, and let us know what you think!


Bill Seyler has been working on an open source web 2.0 GWT pivot viewer based on the new olap4j API.  He recently posted the first cut over on this google code project.  Julian Hyde has a few words to say about the release over on his blog.  I’ve been working with Bill and Julian on the olap4j query implementation behind Halogen.  By separating the UI from concepts like pivoting, etc, it makes it much easier for other UI developers to incorporate multi-dimensional queries into their own applications.  Hopefully olap4j will encourage new OLAP UI development in the open source community!