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BarCamp Pentaho

This Friday, the Orlando Pentaho Developers spent the day listening to adhoc technical talks on a variety of Java and Business Intelligence related subjects. We modeled the day after BarCamp, where we wrote the talks up on the white board in the morning, and adjusted the list through-out the day.  We started off the day with Mike D’Amour giving a great intro into Google Web Toolkit, followed by talks including the Pentaho XUL Framework, Spring for Dependency Injection, Pentaho’s Action Sequence Document Object Model, and much more. In the afternoon, James Dixon, the CTO of Pentaho, presented on a new approach for developing BI solutions. Marc Batchelor, Pentaho’s Chief Engineer, presented an architectural overview of Pentaho’s BI Platform. And last but not least, Doug Moran, VP of Community at Pentaho, updated the dev team on Pentaho’s Community Gathering in Mainz, Germany that took place a couple of weeks ago.

At the end of the day, a few of the developers got out rock band and showed off their mad skillz.  Just another fun day at Pentaho!