Pentaho Marketplace is Here!

I’m proud to announce that included in our release of Pentaho BA Server 4.8 and Pentaho Data Integration 4.4 to SourceForge today, we’ve bundled as a plugin our first version of the Pentaho Marketplace!  With the Marketplace, it is now easy to download and install cool plugins developed by the community.

To get started with the BA Server Marketplace, log in as an administrator, and click the Marketplace toolbar icon or select Tools -> Marketplace.  In Spoon, click the Help -> Marketplace.  Find the plugin you want to install or upgrade, and click!

I would like to say thank you to all the hard work done by the many folks who participated in making this project reach 1.0!  The Pedros @ WebDetails have worked around the clock to deliver the BA Server Marketplace, their team has done a great job with the UI experience as well as a telemetry capability so the community can see what plugins are popular and how the marketplace is used (More on that in a future blog!).   Also, Wes Brown, Pentaho’s head of pixel management, provided a lot of great feedback and ideas for the UI, helping make the user experience fantastic!  On the PDI side, Matt Casters did a great job putting together a first version of the Marketplace within Spoon, followed by assistance from Sean Flatley and Matt Burgess, two of our core Kettle developers at Pentaho.  I hear Matt B. is also brewing up a number of new plugins, go check out more about them on his blog :-).

It’s great to see so many helping hands on a project like this, all done out of passion for the product, and the goal of opening up the product to even more capabilities and contributions!!

If you do find any issues with the Marketplace, please let us know.  We already have many plans for future versions, so keep an eye out … in the Marketplace … for Marketplace updates :-).

Finally, are you a plugin developer and would like to see your plugin appear in the Marketplace?  Go check out for more details.  We want to get as many plugins listed as possible!

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  1. Wes Brown on November 30th, 2012

    Nice work everyone! This was a fun, rewarding project to see come full circle with very successful collaboration.

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