Pentaho Metadata Update…

This past month, Alex Silva, one of Pentaho’s Senior Engineers, has been working on upgrading Pentaho Metadata to work with Kettle 3.0 and also to remove a lot of the new JDK 1.5 warnings that appear when running in Eclipse.  The new code is now available in the trunk.  In this upgrade, Pentaho Metadata now only has a couple of dependencies on Kettle 3.0.  The first dependency is the use of Kettle’s DatabaseMeta object which helps in the generation of dialect specific SQL.  The second dependency is within the UI code inside the Metadata Editor.  The Metadata Editor uses Kettle’s PropsUI, DatabaseDialog, and other UI related classes.  I can imagine eventually that all of these components might end up in a more common form, available for developers.  I’m especially interested in seeing a combination of Kettle’s DatabaseMeta and Pentaho Metadata’s dialect package becoming more generic and useful for third party developers.

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  1. Matt Casters on March 3rd, 2008

    Hi Will,

    That is good news for all PMD developers.
    On the other side of the gap, I’ve been working on splitting off the kettle-core.jar :

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